MHAA Members Statement

It is in the interests of all Morgan owners in Australia to become active members of the MHAA and to support the MHAA in its endeavours.

It is also your right as a member of the MHAA to expect full support from the MHAA with regard to breeding, showing and promoting the Morgan breed.

The effectiveness of the MHAA in promoting the Morgan Horse in Australia is directly influenced by the support and participation of its members so if you, as a member, are not happy with the level of support from the Association or the direction it is taking, it is up to you to voice your concerns and suggestions to the MHAA Board.

You can’t expect your concerns to be addressed if you are not prepared to make them known. If you take a more active role and become involved in the Association, you will get more out of it.

Active participation by all members is the key to every strong group and the MHAA is no different, so we encourage you to take an active role in YOUR Association.