Morgan Corroboree

The Morgan Corroboree – an annual magazine featuring historical and contemporary articles about the Morgan horse.


Morgan Corroboree – Issue 11, 2016

  • Profile: Big Bend Doc Davis 27912
  • Tribute to Big Bend Doc Davis – Morgan Dressage Horse, 1975–1999
  • Grand Prix Morgans – Big Bend Doc Davis & Mona Sansoucy Gaudet: They Were The First
  • A History of Morgans in Dressage
  • Some Recollections: Of the Gifford Morgan, Hales Green Mountain Morgan and Other Morgans
  • Morgan Hunters
  • The Saga of A Connecticut Can Chaser
  • The Bicentennial … Morgan Style
  • On The Trail of Justin Morgan
  • McCulloch Farm: Home of The Whippoorwill Morgans
  • Whippoorwill Dreams: The Past and Who Dreamed Them First
  • Promoting the Breed

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 10, 2015

  • Funquest Erick: A Morgan Sport Horse
  • Stuart Hazard and His Funquest Farm
  • Stuart Hazard – Breeding Philosopy In His Own Words
  • Funquest Erick: Morgan Sport Horse
  • The Importance of Being Mary [Woolverton]
  • Morgans on Hawaii’s Parker Ranch
  • Green Mountain Stock Farm
  • Hail and Farewell; Lippitt Auction – A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity
  • And Long Remember
  • A Day at the Green Mountain Stock Farm – A Photo Essay
  • Fifth Annual Morgan Horse Judging School and Field Day
  • Green Mountain Stock Farm All Morgan Horse Show
  • Lippitt Miss Nekomia 04938


Morgan Corroboree – Issue 9, 2014

  • The High White Rule & Random Thoughts on Colour
  • Californio – A Look at his Pedigree
  • Primavera Valdez: A Legacy of Gold
  • Quest for a Buckskin Morgan
  • The Silver Lining
  • The Mysterious Horseman of Utah ((Mel Frandsen)
  • All A’Roan
  • Archie O – Elite and Rare
  • A Man and His Morgan: CJ O’Neill and Archie O
  • One of the Newest Morgan Colors – Pinto!
  • True Colors: Gold in Morgans

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 8, 2013

  • Royalton Ashline
  • Dana Wingate Kelley & the Royalton Breeding Program
  • The Pioneers – the women who exported the Morgan breed into international combined driving competition
  • The Government Family – an introduction
  • Anna Ela … One for the Books
  • Morgans of the Past
  • Bob Riley / A Tribute to the Man from Muscatine
  • Bob Riley Remembers Cross Ranch
  • New Breed to Australia
  • Morgan Horses in Australia
  • Vermont’s 100 Mile Trail Ride
  • The Way It Was (Margaret Gardiner)
  • Lippitt Mandate 8331

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 7, July 2012

  • Pecos… The Horse Behind the Applevale Prefix
  • The Pecos Years: An Interview with Fred & Jeanne Herrick
  • Morgans Going to Australia
  • Australia’s First Morgan Horse Farm
  • Salisbury Morgan Horses off to Australia
  • Australian morgans: A New Frontier
  • Sumicaro Stables
  • Charles Chauncey Stillman
  • Ern Pedler: Cowboy, Mountain Man, Teller of Tales
  • Type, Not Conformation
  • A Brief Brunk History

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 6, July 2011

  • Lord of Broadwall: The Stallion Named Parade
  • Parade’s and Drum Major’s Tour with The Spanish Riding School
  • Origin of the Lippitt Strain of Morgan Horses
  • Lippitt Dispersal Tops $100,000
  • Morgan Conformation = Sport/Using Horse Conformation
  • The Essential Difference – Morgan Type
  • Clark Ringling Morgan Horses, Lovelock, Nevada – A History
  • The History of the Morgan Horse in California

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 5, July 2010

  • George Ford Morris
  • Morgans of Monnington
  • The Morgan Horse: His Relation to Breeding
  • Australia’s First Morgans
  • The UVM Morgan Horse Farm
  • Hats off to Tutor on his 25th Birthday
  • Merle H Little – The Man and his Horses
  • She Remembers Her Father’s Horse: The Country Pacer
  • The Touch of Grace

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 4, July 2009

  • The Ulendon Influence
  • Ulendon’s Prolic Sons: Orcland Dondarling
  • A Family View of Ulendon
  • The Romance of the Palomino
  • Desert Sands
  • La Serena – Quest for the Old Jubilee King Lines
  • Tarik’s Prince
  • Norma: Mission Accomplished

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 3, July 2008

  • The Little Big Horse – Royalton Ashbrook Darling
  • Morgan Driving Horses – The Natural Choice
  • The Western Working Family Morgan
  • Bloodlines In Your Past
  • The Fabulous Fergusons: Morgan Promoters
  • Walt Disney Productions filming … Justin Morgan Had A Horse
  • Jubliee King
  • A Lady and a King
  • Lester Welch Remembers the Green Mountain Stock Farm
  • A Definition of the Western Working Family

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 2, July 2007

  • Flyhawk
  • Lisa Singer: Portrait of a World Champion
  • Will Preserving the Past Preserve the Future of the Morgan Horse?
  • Hale’s Green Mountain 42
  • C X Larrabee and the Roots of Troubadour of Willowmoor
  • Lippitt Ashmore 1952-1974 – They Called Him Tommy
  • Morgan Bloodlines in Texas Quarter Horses
  • A Child’s Remembrance of Trophy
  • The Man Behind the Trophy Morgans – D F Switzler, 1898-1970
  • Guardian of a Legacy – Edward Gamble
  • William Randolph Hearst and his Morgan Horses
  • Those Were the Days, My Friend (history of the competition between UVM Promise & Bennfield’s Ace)

Morgan Corroboree – Issue 1, July 2006

  • A Tribute to Dan
  • Fifty Years of Morgan Breeding – Castle Morgans
  • Robert Lippitt Knight: The Man Behind The Family
  • Townshend Farm
  • A Selection of Photos From “Fifty Images From Our [AMHA’s] Fifty Years”
  • Justin Morgan the Man
  • Before Their Time: Morgan Pioneers In Sport
  • Dare to be Different – Dare to be Free (Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Cowboy Dressage)
  • Imprints of Morgan Horses in Australia