Morgans for Pleasure Program

MFP Program and Guidelines


The Morgans For Pleasure Program (MFP) is an initiative of MHAA to provide recognition and participation for members who are not involved in competing with their Morgan horses, but ALL financial MHAA members are welcome to join.


It is an incentive program for individuals who love riding or driving their Morgan or part bred Morgan horse.


Hours of riding/driving are recorded on a log sheet and awards are presented as particular goals are reached.


  • You must be a financial member of MHAA for each year hours are logged
  • You must ride/drive a registered pure or part bred Morgan
  • Each horse and rider/driver combination must join the MFP program to be eligible for awards
  • Owners may register multiple horses that are ridden/driven by the same rider/driver
  • Use a separate log sheet for each combination
  • Membership combinations are non-transferable, except under exceptional circumstances and by Board decision
  • The one-off joining fee of just $45 for each combination is non-transferable and details are on the Registration Form
  • A Morgans For Pleasure Cap is provided on registration
  • Awards are presented at 75; 150; 300; 500; 750; 1000; 1500; 2000; 3000; 3500; 4000; 5000 hours
  • Articles detailing members’ achievements will be included in the Morgan Messenger
  • There is NO LIMIT to the amount of time you take to achieve each award level
  • Keep a copy of your log sheets for your own records and send them in as you reach your milestones, to the MFP Co-ordinator.

¬†email: [email protected]


To download a Morgans for Pleasure logsheet and to register you and your Morgan, please go to the Morgans for Pleasure Registration Form page (just below the tab where this page is located, under Information and Forms).


It is a simple online process that can be completed on a phone, tablet and/or desktop.