MHAA Honour Roll

MHAA – Celebrating over 40 years of Morgans and 20 years of Incorporation!

The first Morgan horses intended for riding came into Australia in 1974. They were imported by Mr and Mrs George Reed of Orangeville, NSW. They imported a stallion, Saddleback Sultan and two mares; Saddleback Sundance and Green Meads Fashion. Morgan numbers have certainly grown since then, the Association has been formed, and many astute Australians are now experiencing the pleasure of being a Morgan horse owner.

However it wasn’t until 1990 that Morgan breeders started to get serious about formally promoting Morgan horses in this country. They decided that it was time to form the Morgan Horse Association of Australia, an entity that would be officially recognised by the American Morgan Horse Association. Key players in the formation of the association were George and Mary Reed, Bill Powell & Jenny Bird. Judi Anderson came on board very soon afterwards.

The Morgan Horse Association of Australia became incorporated in Australia on 21st January 1994.  The objectives of the Association as stated in its Rules are “to encourage and promote interest in, and the breeding and use of Morgan horses as versatile horses; to maintain and ensure the integrity of the records of the Morgan Horse Association of Australia registers and to encourage education and training of members, juniors and officials for the various activities of the MHAA, in co-operation with other Morgan associations.”

In 1994 MHAA presented its first breed show, which continues today under the name of the Australian National Morgan Show and it is now a showcase for the breed in Australia.

Over twenty years later the MHAA has grown to the Association we see today. It was thanks to the efforts of the early Morgan “pioneers” that the Association was formed.  Life member, Judi Anderson, must receive a special mention here because she was  an active member of the Association since its very early days. It is also important to recognise the contribution made by Life Member Jenny Bird. Jenny has been one of the most active and enthusiastic breeders in the country and has introduced many people to Morgan horses.

As we look through the Honour Roll we notice the names of many other people who have made a significant contribution to the MHAA and we thank them for their contributions that have led us to where we are in the present day.

The Morgan Horse Association retains the friendly, inclusive ‘club’ feel that it began with all those years ago. It is continually moving forward into the future with an enthusiasm that is generated by the owners and lovers of the wonderful Morgan horse in Australia.

We can only imagine what the future will bring!

Raise your glasses, lets propose a toast to the past and the future of the Morgan Horse Association in Australia!


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MHAA Honour Roll 2022