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MHAA Ambassadors

The MHAA is proud to welcome Sandi Simons and Linda Shore as official Ambassadors of the Association and the...

Challa Morgans

Challa Station Morgans, owned by Ashley and Debbie Dowden, is the largest and most remote Morgan stud in the...

Omar Morgans – Stud Profile

THE STORY OF OUR STUD-OMAR MORGANS Initially, we were breeding Clydesdales and had heard of the Morgan horses imported...

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Ian Leighton from Ian Leighton Horsemanship says,  “After working regularly on several Morgan studs around the country and having them show up regularly at my clinics I developed a respect for this breed. I have found them to be versatile, trainable, hardy, good doing horses that show great movement and enthusiasm for their work.

Self-carriage comes naturally to Morgan horses and stamina is also a hallmark that stands out.

All in all they are a great breed of horse for anyone wanting an all-rounder.”


Dr Andrew McLean from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre says, “I have had the pleasure of working with 5 of Nila Latimer’s Morgan horses and I have come to greatly admire the breed for its superb trainability, sensible temperament and very good paces.”