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Robyn & Omar Free And Eezy
Omar Morgans – Stud Profile

THE STORY OF OUR STUD-OMAR MORGANS Initially, we were breeding Clydesdales and had heard of the Morgan horses imported...

Wilga Park Stud Profile

We were totally inexperienced when it all began. We were just enthusiastic Trail riders who didn’t know too much about...

Photo Show Results 2019

 ANMS 2019 – Photo Show Results P1       Best Presented Pure Morgan – any age 20 Fernleigh Creek Etta-Jame 53...

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Andrew McLean Kodi Chancellor

Dr Andrew McLean from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre says, “I have had the pleasure of working with 5 of Nila Latimer’s Morgan horses and I have come to greatly admire the breed for its superb trainability, sensible temperament and very good paces.”

Steve Halfpenny and Lenny

Steve Halfpenny of Light Hands Horsemanship and the Silversand Centre says, “I can see why Eitan (of Cowboy Dressage fame) really likes Morgans. I enjoy working them because they are so trainable and are built to move the way that I like a horse to move; engaging its hindquarters and elevating its forehand.”