Eatons Hill Morgan Stud Profile

Lisa and Tim Wong are the visionaries behind Eatons Hill Stud. We have combined our previous experience and knowledge of breeding performance horses to ensure our Morgan Horse breeding program is world class. Morgan Sport Horses should be able to be both competitive and a delight to ride. Morgan horses give us the ability to try new sports and compete in several different disciplines. Breeding horses is like cooking. Anyone can do it but the best food is produced through the best ingredients and the best training. Our horses are bred through extensive research on bloodlines, good sound breeding stock and consistent skilled training. All our breeding stock have undergone full veterinary soundness checks. Our breeding stock are ridden for both leisure and in competition.

Recently, we were reminded that Eatons Hill Stud have many “runs on the board” with breeding and training performance horses but we don’t promote our successes enough. Lisa has been around horses since she was three years old. She was breeding horses from when she was 10 years old. Back in 2006, we decided we would follow Lisa’s dream of breeding Morgan Horses. This followed after a successful breeding program of Hanoverian horses in which our foals were all ranked in the top 10% of Hanoverian horses worldwide. In 2016, our greatest breeding achievement came with news that Hanoverian mare Serenity (Dot) received a wild card to the World Equestrian Games in Eventing. Unfortunately, Serenity died in an accident in quarantine. This does not lessen the fact that she was an exceptional horse. Nor the fact that we trained her and cultivated her skills until she was four years old, laying a solid foundation towards success. During her life, Serenity brought Jess Somerfield closer than ever to her equestrian dreams. We hope to be able to fulfil many other riders’ equestrian dreams too.

Stallions at Eatons Hill

We have one resident stallion and four virtual stallions.

Our resident stallion is Wirraway Manhattan, a liver chestnut with colour genetics of ee/aa. Wirraway Manhattan is a 97% foundation Morgan Horse stallion. We chose Manhattan after spending six months in America looking for a stallion. We had seen Manhattan as a two-week-old colt prior to leaving for America and he had stolen our hearts. Manhattan’s first foal was born in 2014. Manhattan has been a demonstration horse for the Morgan Horse Breed for the last three years at the Brisbane Royal Show – EKKA Horse Breeds Expo. He was 2016 Champion Morgan Horse at Samford Show. He has competed multiple times in dressage and has always placed. He has the most amazing temperament and movement. He is the total package! He is everything you want in a Morgan Horse – good conformation, movement and great temperament. He was officially measured at the Brisbane Royal Show in 2017 at 14.3 and 5/8hh. He currently has four offspring. He passes on to his foals his gentleness and athletic ability.

Our newest addition for our virtual stallions is Truwest Silver Suede, 15.3hh Smokey Grulla. We wanted to add a stallion who has a strong background in working cattle. His offspring are highly sought after in America. We are blessed to have a limited edition of his genetics via frozen semen coming to Australia.

Our other virtual stallions are MEMC Crown Royal, Haymeron Park Peridote and Wirraway Trademark. All have exceptional bloodlines. All our stallions have frozen semen available for purchase.


Eatons Hill Mares

We currently have three mares and a filly. Our mares are not just breeding machines. They have a productive life as riding horses over several disciplines including dressage, extreme trail, and working cow competitions. In our spare time, we have fun trail riding our horses.

Wilga Park Lisianthus – buckskin – 14.3hh

Shibui Black Pearl – black – 15.1hh (and growing)

Eatons Hill Malou – buckskin – 14.2hh

Eatons Hill Maple – smokey black (should mature 15hh)

Our breeding program is carefully researched before a cross is selected each year. We want to ensure the personal touch of a boutique farm, therefore we produce only two foals per year. This ensures we can give them the adequate time needed to provide a solid foundation of training in their early years. Our bloodlines come from all the major families: Canadian, Western Working, Government, Brunk and Lippitt. This combination makes an athletic horse with a great mind.


Our property is only thirty minutes from the Brisbane CBD. We suffered some environmental issues early in our breeding program when we first came to our new property. In the early days of breeding Morgan Horses we lost five foals. Thankfully, three years ago, we resolved the issues and have had six foals. Our equine veterinarian assures us that our perseverance has paid off and we are producing some of the best horses she has seen.


We have had years of successfully competing on Morgan Horses in dressage and show competitions. Last year we started to diversify and moved into extreme trail and team penning too. Every day I am amazed at their intelligence and kindness. They bring so much joy to our lives and it is a real blessing to have found our Morgan Horses.

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