Hodgson Park Stud Profile

Hodgson Park is a young Morgan stud located in the beautiful Swan Valley of Western Australia. Our aim is to produce horses that allow others to experience the Morgan magic, whether they are used for pleasure or performance.

Every horse in Hodgson Park’s breeding program is carefully chosen to meet our breeding criteria. Temperament is always the first priority; they need to be friendly, intelligent, trainable and accepting. In addition, they are chosen for their movement and conformation; this allows them to be able to be successful in any chosen discipline.

Our initial foals were the magic cross of RanchBoss Cortez x Wilga Park Tippuhana. Hodgson Park Fringe Lily and Hodgson Park Buckingham are now out representing the stud and breed exceptionally. Tragically we lost Tippuhana to colic, despite everything possible being done. Wanting to continue with this line of breeding, Mt Tawonga Marrella became our next broodmare, producing Hodgson Park Telopea. And now the Wilga Park Conquistador x Mt Tawonga Marrella has proven to be another amazing cross!

Our stallion 16hh buckskin, Wilga Park Conquistador, chose me during a visit to Wilga Park. It was one of those things that are just meant to be! He certainly has all of the prerequisites for our breeding program – an exceptional temperament, highly trainable and performance quality. And he is passing these traits onto his progeny. The aim was always to ride and compete Conquistador in addition to breeding from him. However, he was injured while being collected early in this process. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to identify and resolve the injury and therefore this has not been possible so far.

In 2018, the decision was made to geld Conquistador due to the logistics of having a stallion on a 15 acre property surrounded by other horses. However, his progeny are too special to stop breeding from him. Therefore, the season was spent collecting and freezing semen for the future. Conquistador is now enjoying being paddocked with other horses, and I am hoping that he will be able to come back into work in the near future.

Conquistador’s foals are all very special, each one fulfilling the goals of our breeding program while still having their own personalities and strengths. Hodgson Park Ballad is a Warmblood cross who will mature at about 17hh, and is being retained as a future dressage horse. Hodgson Park Thomasia and Hodgson Park Tainia are both pure breds who will be looking for their forever homes shortly.

For enquiries regarding Wilga Park Conquistador (a new, revised breeding contract will be available for 2019/2020 season) or foals for sale, please contact Rachel Whan on 0427 598 213 or [email protected] or visit www.hodgsonpark.com.au


Wilga Park Conquistador conformation shot  conquistador-june-2015-19-sm

Hodgson Park Ballad Hodgson Park Buckingham at archery Hodgson Park Buckingham Hodgson Park Fringe Lily trotting poles


Wiilga Park Conquistador  ????????????????????????????????????  Hodgson-Park-Conquistador-with-Rachel's-niece Hodgson-Park-Tainia

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