Marvelous Encore (1987 – 2015),(Imp 1994). Rygate Major X Moro Hills Royrita. Black/Bay Pure Bred Morgan Stallion

Since his importation from the U.S.A. 16 years ago, Marvellous Encore has had a major influence on the Morgan Horse breed here in Australia.

His get and grand get have been successful in almost every discipline and are a true testament to the versatility of the Morgan Horse Breed. Some of his babies have even been exported to the U.K and New Zealand.

He will be forever remembered: 809828

Gillian Wooldridge:  This is my memory of Encore, it is the actual photo that was on my office wall for years, excuse the re- production,  whilst I did get to meet Encore several times, I looked at this photos whilst waiting for my first Morgan Red Bluff Onyx to be old enough to come to live with us. I would look at this beautiful creature, whilst on the phone and dream that one day I would get to ride something this magnificent.

Kelly Murphy My first impression of Encore was Wow! Fairy-tale stuff! Breathtaking and incredibly awesome! No other way I can describe it.

Helen McLennan It was winter. He was fluffy & covered in mud. He went straight up to my – then 12yo – daughter &’gave her a big kiss on the nose. I have a photo of it. Fell in love with him. A magic horse.

Wirraway Sport Morgans:  For me, my first memory of Encore was watching a video at Bill Gotchs place of Encore before he was imported. Jenny was so excited, in fact we all were… and we all sat around and watched that video (yes! VHS) on repeat all night.

Kerrie Powell:  The importation of Marvelous Encore was a very exciting time for Mt Tawonga. It was winter and despite the “fluff” and mud he was black, beautiful and all Morgan. Everyone who met him loved him. But his huge influence on Morgan horses in Australia, though highly anticipated, wasn’t evident way back then. Then his first foals hit the ground, and we were all smitten. All his foals, wether pure or partbreds had his stamp. He almost demanded attention wherever he went and Australia loved him. Encore will live forever through his sons and daughters, who have established many studs in Australia. I personally have a tonne of great memories of my time with Encore, as I’m sure many of you do. He came and he conquered and now he’s gone, but his progeny will assure he’s never forgotten.

Jane Warren:  Marvelous Encore is the Sire of my Red Bluff Opal. I have loved his stamp on his progeny and Marvelous Encore and Jenny Bird are entwined into the history of the Morgans in Australia… can’t speak about one without including the other. So sad, but not the end of an era – he has many famous children on the ground to carry the legend forward.




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