Mountain Creek Moriesians at Equitana 2018

Equitana Invitation – News from Leonie Kable

Back in late March, I was approached by Sandi Simons to supply horses for the upcoming championship, The Way of the Horse 2018. I was given a rundown of the event, what to expect and criteria for the horses. I had a fair idea of the event as I’ve followed it for quite a few years, as well as keeping up with the American version – Road to the Horse. I chewed on this for a week or so, and then had a long phone conversation with Sandi to discuss everything I could possibly think of.

I thought of the exposure the Morgan horse so rightly deserves. Not to mention the promotion for MCM, along with the Moriesians too. The conditions are going to be different for the horses, going from the relatively quiet paddocks at the farm, to the hustle and bustle of Equitana. They will be housed separate from the breed village, and away from the public. They will have each other for a crutch, as eight horses will attend the event, which gives each trainer a choice of two. I believe my horses are sensible, trainable, will handle the situation and will do us all proud. I was told of the trainers involved and that clenched the deal, Ken Falkner and Adam Sutton I have seen working a horse, even did a few clinics with Ken many years ago. I hear Bruce is a wonderful horseman too, and Tui, last year’s winner from NZ.

I first met Sandi way back in 1999 at a clinic run by her husband David Simons in the Geelong area. David was not long home from being accredited by John Lyons in USA. At the time Dusty (HP Dust Cloud) was being started under saddle by me. It was one of his first rides, and he was a star, his first fan club was started that day. Sandi mentioned that she had seen Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Holiday Compadre in USA, and how much she liked the Morgan horse.

Last year (finally) I was approached by Sandi as she was in the market for a horse to be her up and coming demo replacement horse.  It just so happened I had one to suit her –  MCM Harrington out of my young Moriesian mare MCM Xarah.

I am so excited for this opportunity and have a great team behind me for the event and lead up. I hope MHAA will have a site in the breed village to capitalise on this spot in the limelight. I hope all Morgan lovers, owners and breeders can attend to support and cheer, as well as spread the word of our special horses.


Leonie Kable

Mountain Creek Moriesians


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