Registry Forms

Forms and reports relevant to owning pure and part bred

Morgans in Australia are listed separately. 

Please use the appropriate link below.

Pure Bred Registry Documentation

Part Bred Registry Documentation

Registry fees

Pure Bred Registry Fees & Genetic colour screening feesMember RatesNon-member Rates
Registration of Stallions, Mares & Geldings-includes DNA Kit
Parentage validation (DNA $65) & MHAA registration fee ($25)
1 GT (1 Genetic Screening [colour] test)$50$100
DNA + 1GT (DNA $65 + 1 colour test package) & registration fee ($25)$125$250
2GT (2 colour tests)$65$130
DNA + 2GT (DNA $65 + 2 colour tests package) & registration fee ($25)$135$270
3GT (3 colour tests)$75$150
DNA + 3GT (DNA $65 + 3 colour tests package) & registration fee ($25)$140$280
Transfer Fee$20$20
Notification of GeldingNilNil
Late FeeNilNIl
Notification of DeathNilNil
Registration of Stud Prefix $100 $200
Stallion Report (10 mares or less) $10 $20
Stallion Report (11 – 20 mares) $20 $40
Stallion Report (more than 20 mares) $30 $60
Horse Name Change (Refer to rules, as adopted from AMHA Registry Rules) Replacement Registration Certificate$150   $10$150   $20
 Part Bred FeesMember RatesNon-member Rates
Registration of Mares$30$60
Registration of Gelding$15$45
Transfer Fee$20$20
Foal NotificationNilNil
Notification of GeldingNilNIl
Late FeeNilNil
Notification of DeathNilNil
Replacement Registration Certificate$10$20

For further assistance, please email the Pure or Part Bred registrars below:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Genetic Screening Tests