Fourth Annual National Ride a Morgan Day – 8th Nov 2014

Celebrate our love of Morgan horses in Australia!

This date has been chosen to commemorate the foaling date of Aura Dell Princess, the first Morgan bred and born in Australia. This year the 8th November falls on a Saturday but anytime over the weekend would be great time to ride your Morgan (or during next week is fine too).

To participate you will need a big bag of carrots, a camera and a record sheet.

When you or another person rides a Morgan, record the time in 10 minute increments that they rode for or part thereof. Give your Morgan a carrot for each 10 minute segment they are ridden.

If somebody does a Morgan gallop, the horse gets an extra carrot.

Keep a record of how many carrots your Morgan earns and let me know the final tally. You will get a certificate indicating how many carrots your horse earned on the National Ride a Morgan Day. If you have more than one Morgan, you can use separate sheets for each one.

Don’t forget to send your photos to [email protected] so I can put them together in a photo story for MM and upload them to facebook. A Record Sheet is included with this issue of the Messenger. Copy as many as you need.

I look forward to receiving the results!

In addition, if you or a friend rides a Morgan Horse for the first time this week, we will issue a certificate to that person too. Send the first time Morgan rider’s name, a photo of them riding a Morgan and their postal address to [email protected] and a certificate will be issued to them.

Download your Form from this link below.

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