Equitana Experience – by Dana Frew

The Equitana Morgan breed stand was set up brilliantly, and it was a
pleasure to man it and talk to all those interested in the Morgan breed,
although I was ready to charge people for taking photos of Kerry Hill’s beautiful
quilt (made from her Morgan, Mt Tawonga Campbell’s winning ribbons)!

People loved the fake Morgan Horse tattoos and the give away bookmarks.  The pamphlet had a
great amount of information for those interested in our breed.

Haymeron Park Oro Strauss is only 4 and as far as I know, this was the first time for him to
be locked in a stable all day. He was a crowd pleaser, being the beautiful
dark palomino colour he is, and many people took photos while cuddling him, as he
stuck his head out the stable door. He showed everyone what a great and
curious nature the Morgan breed has, as he checked everyone’s bags out for

Our demonstration was a shared display with other breeds and again a first
for Strauss. He showed his cool, being more annoyed by the flies than the
crowd, the Public Address system or other horses.

I had a great time and I’m sure many people have left Equitana with a
greater appreciation of this beautiful, well natured and versatile breed.


Dana and Straus adn Wayne Hipsley Dana and Strauss head Dana and Strauss side on Dana and Strauss Stable Strauss meeting people portrait style Strauss meeting people

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